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Pay for parking

Ticket machines

Always read the instruction on the machine.
Sometimes you will pay in advance and sometimes payment by check-in and check-out. In our ticket machines you can pay with the following cards: OKQ8, Preem, Shell, Statoil, St1, Volvo, Visa and MasterCard.

If the ticket machine does not work

From time to time, the machine may be out of order. In those cases, we will fix the error as soon as we know about it. Keep in mind that you must always pay for parking.

Mobile payment

You can always pay your parking with your mobile phone. A separate invoice from Parkster is sent to your home address and can be used as basis for accounting. You can also buy long-term tickets if that is an option in the parking area. Information is available in the parking lot.

If you don´t have a Swedish Social Security Number you need to register an account at Parkster and add your credit card information before parking.  Once you´ve done that you can use both the application and the sms function. Go to, click on ”Logga in” --> ”Skapa konto här” and follow the instructions.

Start SMS Parking

  1. Zone code
  2. Space 
  3. Registration number (no space between letters and numbers)
  4. Space
  5. Swedish personal number (10 digits without line)
  6. Send to +46707-13 14 15

    Example: 602 ABC123 7202098521

You are only required to enter your personal number the first time you SMS-park. End your parking by texting the word avsluta to the same number. Service charge is 3 SEK / parking.


The Parkster app makes it easier and faster to park. The app will know where you are and which fee is applicable, you only pay for the time you park and you can extend or shorten the parking time. The parking attendants can see that you have paid by a search on your registration number. There are no fees except the parking fee. Parking fees are paid monthly with paper invoice, e-mail invoice, Visa or MasterCard. Download the appexternal link, opens in new window

False information

Previously when we received information about a ticket machine that was out of order, we registered the car's registration number and allowed the parking, free of charge. Unfortunately, we received incorrect information about the machines and we have seen that the routine has been abused. As of November 23, 2017, you must always pay for your parking.

How do I pay a control fee issued by Upab from a foreign bank account?

To pay from a foreign account, you need to enter the following information:

IBAN: SE9280000842029243084325

Do not forget to enter your case number as OCR number / message.


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